About Us

EUphoria is helping Europeans come together. One winter evening in Edinburgh, Caitlin and Juuso spoke about creating a humorous, youthful and unconventional initiative that promotes European identity and unity. It started off as a joke, but it was so good that we just had to make it happen. And here we are.

We first met in Edinburgh in October 2017. Juuso, a Finn studying International Relations in Edinburgh, was handing out leaflets for a Rally for Europe, and Caitlin, a newcomer to the city who had just moved from Canada, happened to be at the receiving end. We quickly found that we both believe the EU is a force for good, and that we want Europe to be more united. 

We have both been involved in Young European Movement UK, the UK’s pro-European youth organisation, but we wanted to create a separate initiative that concentrated less on policies, and more on puns. We hope that what we came up with brings you pleasure!